There’s a Window to Heaven

There's a Window to HeavenTHERE’S A WINDOW TO HEAVEN

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In 2007 my elderly father, Walter Turke, already in the throws of advanced Alzheimer’s disease, was stricken with a rapidly progressing and terminal lung infection. He was given 48-72 hours to live after being taken off failing life support.

He didn’t die. Instead, he journeyed with an ethereal “kind man with a grey beard,” accompanied by host of “angels,” to a “shining city filled with light.” These “visits,” which have striking similarities to historically documented near-death experiences, lasted for 17 consecutive days.

Meticulously and dutifully written down each day on a well-worn legal pad, my father’s experiences are now finally told in the short book, There’s A Window To Heaven, currently available through Amazon Books.  Click on this link below to order this inexpensive book (available on Amazon), and read Walter’s incredible story.

Readers will find There’s a Window to Heaven powerful and gripping as Dr. Garrett Turke shares his life-altering journey, which challenges his own belief system and his sanity as he sits at his dying father’s bedside. It is an absolute must read for any and all who have experienced the guilt and pain of caring for a loved one in the final stages of their life. If you want to heal, read this book. If want to help others heal, share this book.

—Debi Lang, Producer/Director, Caring For The World Films