George Kitson, Hollywood Screenwriter:

“This book is alternately interesting, thoughtful, important, and touching. At times it scared me, made me laugh, had me reminiscing about my own family, and learning things I had never known. Garrett has really achieved a lot, putting the reader inside his head for the journey he has endured.

For me personally, the constant music selections and photographic imagery really helped me build the story, imagine it inside my mind’s eye. Several sections truly felt very cinematic. The metaphors: the hourglass, fixing the stereo speaker, etc…all these things really helped make his point, keeping the reader engaged.

The book is so honest, many of the chapters kept me on the edge of my seat, almost dreading what was to come next.

The “farewell tour” is great, again all the visual imagery, the bonding/reconnection with his Dad is very touching and interesting. Sailing with Ron is great, Disney, etc… Of course, this is all overshadowed by his father’s continuing slide. The incident outside the gallery, the wallet caper. Garrett is painting a very honest and real portrait of what this must be like for caregivers.

The last section of the book, the Alterra experience, honestly feels like a whole different book! As things finally start to come together, the family is reunited; the continuing presence of the angels, and the spiritual awakening, the book takes a drastic upswing! I was so happy reading that things were finally working out for the better. That everything seems to have a greater purpose. So many moments gave me chills, the one-ringer and especially the image of Garrett’s sister and Garrett’s Dad walking arm in arm.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I think there is something original and very important here. Please make sure I get a copy of the finished book when it is published and printed! Congratulations, Garrett.”

Gerard Mauzé, Jr., Juvenile Justice Consultant:

“I started reading 497 Nails to give my opinion, but suddenly I became absorbed in it. Before I knew it, I had finished reading it. Without a doubt, this book was really good for me, in a way it was my story as well, as I had to deal with care giving for my mother. You will love this brand new book! In a simple but profound way, Garrett engages and empowers the reader to take action. WARNING: Reading this book is likely to lead to drastic changes in your habits and priorities, and it will challenge you to change the quality of your life and your relationships. It will likely make a lasting difference for you and your loved ones.”

Elois J. Sims, Psychotherapist:

“I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful book. It is magical, and brought tears to my eyes from the very first chapters. I am sharing excerpts from your book with my patients to help them heal. The world is eagerly awaiting the release of 497 Nails. Thank you for heeding God’s direction in your mission of educating and giving support to the world on this disease. God’s continued blessings to you…”

Rosemary Valli, Retired Teacher:

“Could a book be written that clearly explained the emotion and stamina required of dementia caregivers? Is it possible to do your best, but accept the likelihood that “the best” isn’t good enough? I wondered about these questions as I read 497 Nails: a journey of letting go. My skepticism disappeared as I read further into this enlightening book. I was impressed how well the feelings and experiences were described. Some tactics that were taken were trial and error, and often caused great turmoil. Dealing with these emotions showed a truly human compassion to give help to those we love. It is a book I would recommend for those who are working through a similar devastation, or for anyone who is a support system to a primary caregiver. Dr. Turke did an excellent job!”