Dr. Garrett L. TurkeGarrett L. Turke is a practicing Ph.D. clinical psychologist who has been a father, care giver, and healing professional for over 3 decades. Originally from Los Angeles, California, he has a lifelong interest in anthropology. He has traveled the world extensively, including multiple trips to West Africa, the Mediterranean, and eastern Asia. His unique life experiences have allowed him to integrate and synthesize many different and diverse cultural frameworks into his philosophical and spiritual worldview. He believes in the power of unconditional human compassion and kindness in guiding the future of the human experience and its evolution.

In recent years Dr. Turke has turned to writing to express the life lessons that his experiences have taught and cultivated within him. His recently released, 497 Nails: a journey of letting go, has brought rave reviews about his care giving and spiritual experiences with his father, Walter, stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Turke is currently working on two books, A Window to Heaven, a short, pocket-sized book which reflects his interpretation of his father’s 2 week long “out of body” experience while diagnosed with terminal pneumonia. His next full-length book, American Shoes, is about his mother’s brave and harrowing cross Atlantic journey fleeing war-torn Europe, alone, as a 15 year-old refugee. Both will be out by sometime in 2017.

Dr. Turke has raised two beautiful and talented daughters, whose life journeys as adults are just beginning. They were raised amidst their father and mother’s care giving for their grandfather, which has undoubtedly shaped their perception of relationships, hopefully for the better.

Dr. Turke lives in a quiet Japanese-style home he built in Michigan, a state he has come to love, with his two ever-present, ever-faithful Labrador Retrievers, Buddy and Blanca and three rescued cats. He enjoys traveling, swimming, surfing, Mediterranean and Asian cooking, nature and architectural photography, and distance running. He continues to go on adventures with his two daughters as their time allows