497 Nails

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Garrett L. Turke, Ph.D., Fellow, ACFEI, is a consultant and trainer to the healing professions and juvenile justice field who is committed to helping systems move toward risk assessment based strategies for intervening with higher risk populations.
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497 Nails: A journey of letting go is a story about how I was inspired with life lessons taking care of my dad, Walter (1930-2013), who was stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease. The book started out with the intent to be a caregivers’ support/guide, but quickly morphed and took a course of its own, with me just coming along for the ride.
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I would love to hear from anyone touched by my writing. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience, because we are all in this together, regardless of who we are or where we come from. I would welcome your response!
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"When we remember those loved ones who traveled by our sides through life’s journeys let us not say we are saddened that they left us behind. But rather, let us rejoice with gratitude that they once were with us." —traditional Russian saying
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“This book is alternately interesting, thoughtful, important, and touching. At times it scared me, made me laugh, had me reminiscing about my own family, and learning things I had never known. Garrett has really achieved a lot, putting the reader inside his head.”
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George Kitson—Hollywood Screenwriter

“I started reading 497 Nails to give my opinion, but suddenly I became absorbed in it. Before I knew it, I had finished reading it. Without a doubt, this book was really good for me, in a way it was my story as well, as I had to deal with care giving for my mother.”
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Gerard Mauzé, Jr.—Juvenile Justice Consultant

“I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful book. It is magical, and brought tears to my eyes from the very first chapters. I am sharing excerpts from your book with my patients to help them heal. The world is eagerly awaiting the release of 497 Nails.”
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Elois J. Sims—Psychotherapist